Kim Triedman




Plum(b), the title of Kim Triedman’s book of poems, invites us into multiplicity and simultaneity. Here for instance is the sense of a plumb line, balanced and straight, essential to any human structure in which the parts need to fit together…”


Poets for Haiti

On February 23rd, 2010 – six weeks after the city of Port-au-Prince was brought to its knees by one of the most destructive earthquakes on record – 18 remarkable writers including Robert Pinsky, Rosanna Warren, Gail Mazur, and Fred Marchant joined together on the Harvard University campus to demonstrate the power of the spoken word…


Bathe in it or Sleep

“In this beautiful and accomplished first collection, Kim Triedman writes movingly of being a child, a mother, a lover, a daughter, but most of all of being a person with a body in a world of intense experiences, experienced in the body and in the intensity of language itself…”



“In his final penitential labor, the Greek hero Heracles descends into the underworld to capture Cerberus, the nether region’s three-headed guard dog–the West’s primordial pit-bull. In Hadestown, her wildly evocative and dazzlingly associative sequence of prose poems, Kim Triedman transforms the hero’s descent into a fraught road trip plumbing the cultural, social, and psychological depths…”