Kim Triedman

poems & other disasters

The Other Room

“One of the 12 Most Memorable Debuts of 2013″

Finalist, James Jones First Novel Award

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The Other Room brims with intensity, focusing a laser beam on the way love, grief, infidelity, suspicion, disappointment, and hope can collide in a close extended family after a child’s death. Triedman is a keen observer of the human psyche, and her prose breathes with the rhythms of real life.

— Jessica Treadway, author of Please Come Back To Me, 

Winner of the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction

Three years after the sudden, mysterious death of their one-year-old daughter Lily, Josef Coleman, a high-strung New York surgeon, and his editor wife Claudia MacInnes remain mired in anguish and grief. Their mourning has left them reaching out for different things in different ways: Josef for a primal, physical connection that Claudia can no longer bear, and Claudia for a connection of the soul that Josef has never really known how to offer…